Block Island Beach Baby Scarlett

We recently went to Block Island with Uncle Al, Aunt Suzy, Nana, Uncle Pat, AunTika, and GEORGE & MEG (oh yeah, and Mom and Dad were there to chauffeur me around and feed me). We had a swell time as you can see in the following word pictures. The down side (Scarlett Fever) was just a blip on the radar compared to how¬†much fun it was!dsc_0076.jpgGreat! My first day at the beach and my handlers stuck me in this weird tent apparatus. Not exactly what I had in mind. And I’m about to raise some hell!dsc_0104.jpgThat worked as planned and out of the tent prison. Life is a beach!dsc_0042.jpgIs it that obvious how obsessed I am with George. I’m trying to play it cool . . .dsc_0034.jpgMeg and me just hangin’ and playin’dsc_0002.jpgI have mastered sitting upright. Child’s play, of course. As if . . .dsc_0125.jpgFishing with Dad and the uncles. Hey guys quit playing with your rods and catch something!img_0300.jpgFever time. This was not in my plans.dsc_0141.jpgHerniated belly button. It’s worse when I’m upright but there’s no way i would let mommy photograph me that way.

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