Saturday what a day for Scarletting!

Hey gang, hope your weekend is progressing as nicely as mine.  Allow me to share my day with you through what my Granddude refers to as word pictures:Turquoise DressMom got this pretty dress for me and we did a fitting but alas it’s too big. Guess I’ll grow into it — but who can wait! Hopefully it will be ready for Auntie Cat’s wedding (to that weird dude Jacob).dsc_0041.JPG.Can’t wait to meet my new buddy Desmond, [born yesterday to Sarah and Joseph Conrad-Ferm (can’t wait to give him a big hug!)]daddy loves meHere’s daddy and me before we set out on our trip to the store. Pee-Yew Somebody needs to brush their teeth  hint, it’s not me, I don’t have any yet).yee-awesomeExersaucing on the deck — ain’t life schweeet? Man, if I could get Grandpa Rob to put some wheels on this thing I’d be outta here!Ready for lessonsI’m practicing my finger exercises, getting ready for my Piano lesson with Pops tomorrow! Can’t wait!say what?Mommy and Daddy were all ‘hey Scarlett smile for the camera’ and I was all ‘hey  isn’t it feeding time already?’toes suckI’m done with the appetizers let’s move on to the main course already! Mommy’s milk anyone?

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